Here at Bubble Football London we are centered around guaranteeing that you have some good times as could reasonably be expected with your air pocket experience. All the little points of interest matter so from bespoke strap covers that guarantee each air pocket you get into is as crisp as new, to smaller than usual associations keep running for organization trophies, we guarantee that you have the best conceivable time. Rates for leasing air pocket football gear changes from area to district and the sort of occasion, however it’s generally sensible and will be a major crush at the gathering! The photos alone are worth a huge number of words. Moreover, ever had the inclination to hit you’re manager? Well now you can, on the grounds that once you venture inside the air pocket, office legislative issues go right out the window! as it may sound, an incredible reaction of Bubble Football is a considerable measure of a holding from the following giggling at corporate occasions that is particularly inspiring for our association administrators. Workers from totally diverse divisions, who generally would have no motivation to converse with one another all of a sudden are meeting and getting to be awesome companions after an insane round of air pocket soccer.

How it works?

It’s simple! The “air pockets” get swelled, you “superman” into them, cut the tackle, hold the handles and after that you’re prepared for effect! Your legs are free so you can run normally and kick a ball, and when you get knock the air pocket will take the effect.For the most part we will run a scaled down competition format, said a final farewell to different amusements, for example, bulldog or sumo. You can play in groups of 4 or 5 and have subs swapping in and out.

bubble football